Rancho Ojai in Tecate

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Pool, Spa & Children’s Pool

A 50’ by 20’ swimming pool, a small childrens pool (18 inches deep) and a heated spa are available for your enjoyment. There is no lifeguard on duty - parents are responsible for their children at all times.

There are separate male and female dressing rooms with toilets, sinks, dressing areas and outside showers. There are umbrellas, tables and lounge chairs surrounding the pool for our guests use. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the swimming pool area.

The swimming pool area remains closed during down season, from November to March.



A course for all ages
Rancho Ojai's mini golf facility is complete. With a Western theme featuring a windmill, buckboard cart, water wheel, and other fun hazards, the mini-golf provides hours of fun for everyone in the family.

Please visit the campground store to pick up your clubs and balls, and for more information.


The aviary has Peacocks, Pigeons and other local birds for your enjoyment.

Although we call both the male and female birds peacocks, only the male is the peacock. The female is the peahen, and the real name for the birds is peafowl.

Young male birds begin life covered with a brown feather down and it takes two years for train plumage to develop; by this time the train projects the tail from 40 to 54 inches, giving the bird his brilliant tail-train 55 to 72 inches long! Train feathers are shed in late summer and grow back by December. The train feathers are bronze-green with a copper sheen near the tips. Each feather has a distinct eye formed by a blue heart-shaped spot ringed by blue-green, golden bronze, gold and rich brown. When unfurled this beautiful fan forms the shape of a shield from which a thousand eyes seem to stare.

Picnic area

We have several picnic areas for groups and families spending the day. These areas have a BBQ grill and picnic table. We have areas that suit small or larger groups.

Farm & Corrals

Sheep, goats, horses and Donkeys are located here in the working part of the ranch. The sheep and goats are raised for their wool, which is spun into yarn. Children are welcome and can pet the animals when a ranch hand is present to assist them.

We do not have horseback riding.

Convenience Store

We have a convenience store on site, where you can find firewood, refreshments and everything you might need. Sorry, no perishables.

Meeting Room

We have a large meeting room, that accommodates up to 100 people. Includes a large kitchen, chairs and tables.


Come to Rancho Ojai and enjoy our service.